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Amnesty International plotting to destabilize Nigeria – Group



Biafra protest

A Civil Society Organization, Stand Up Nigeria (SUN), has accused Amnesty International of doctoring its report that alleged the killing of 150 IPOB members.

SUN director of public affairs, Rev. Christie Amor, in a statement on Sunday asserted that Amnesty International attack on government for could destabilize the country.

It recalled that: “In early 2011, Amnesty International gave the world a bogus report on whose strength a no-fly zone was imposed on Libya. The sequence of events after this led to the ouster and eventual murder of Muammar Gadaffi.

“By June of the same year the same Amnesty International’s investigation admitted that it cannot prove that Gaddafi troops committed the rights violations as previously claimed. Instead, AI found that the so-called rebels made false claims and manufactured evidence

“In 1990, Amnesty International was pivotal to the decision by members of a western coalition to invade Iraq and consequently spark off the chain of events that produced today’s basket case called Iraq.”

The group insisted AI fueled the Syrian war, saying “the foreign interventions provoked on the strength of its fantasy reports has eroded the ability of the Syrian military forces to decisively clear out the foreign terrorists that overran their country”.

Amor noted that AI has now shifted its attention to Nigeria as it has repeatedly tried to carry out such tactics which led to outbreak of war in other countries.

“If we look closely, the war in Iraq, Syria and Libya have direct bearing on the growth of Boko Haram in Nigeria.”

“The growth of ISIS was a morale booster for insurgents in Nigeria while the arms supplied to moderate rebels found their way across the Mediterranean to African shores from where a now porous and borderless Libya ensure those advanced weapons get to Boko Haram.”

“It is suspicious that in the United States where police departments were reported to have extra judicially executed 997 people between 2015 to date, Amnesty International has not made any public report in the ‘tragic systematic execution of ethnic minorities’.

“What is crystal clear is that Amnesty International has concluded and is resolute on giving Nigeria the Libya treatment whereby this country would not be able to defend itself against the so called “unarmed activists” who we know as Biafra separatists.

“This is why it issued report that Army killed 150 Biafran separatists. The research methodology and even the wording is similar to the one it issued in Libya and Iraq with heavy reliance on the testimonies of “activists”. From experience, AI seems to plant such witnesses to present accounts that suit its agenda.

“We ask: Who protects the common masses should the military decide to go to bed? In whose interest would it be for our army to become incapacitated as being pursued by AI: the masses or the terrorists and hoodlums who carry out these criminal infractions?”

SUN further urged the federal government takes decisive actions against Amnesty International knowing that the citizens of Nigeria who bear the pains of activities of separatists have rights to life.

“This would be consistent with Articles 3 and 30 of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights that envisaged that citizens’ rights take priority far and above miscreants that torment, terrorize and humiliate others in the society using crude force,” the statement concluded.

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