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Nobody in the north aims to kill Igbos – Sultan



– The Sultan of Sokoto has called on security operatives to arrest killers pretending to be herdsmen

– He noted that Igbos were in all part of the country which sometimes made them targets of criminals

– The Muslim leaders said people in the north do not hate Igbos

Alhaji Mohammad Sa’ad Abubakar III who is the Sultan of Sokoto has revealed that Igbo people’s presence in all nook and cranny of the country made them visible target during crises period.

Vanguard reports that the the Sultan made this revelation during a grand reception in his honour organised in Nsukka, Enugu on Tuesday, December 20.

Nobody in the north aims to kill Igbos – Sultan

The Muslim leader insisted that genuine herdsmen who owned cows were not responsible for killings as publicly touted and said criminals in the guise of herdsmen were responsible,

He called on security operatives to do their job and fish out the killers.

He said: “I want to say that nobody in the north aims to kill any Igbo because he is an Igboman. They are killed because they are the industrious ones found in everywhere and in every village but nobody plans or sends people to kill the Igbos.”

The Sultan earlier insisted that some Fulani have lived with Igbos for a long time and will not suddenly turn against them and said anyone who kills should be identified as a killer.

He said: “Such a person is a criminal and must be so identified, whether he is a Fulani or an Igbo. Unless we identify them, we cannot overcome this menace.

“We have lived with Fulani for many years, many of them don’t know anywhere except Igboland for centuries. Is it possible that these same people will take up arms against the same people they have lived with?

“It’s the duty of all of us to fish out these criminals; it’s our duty to get these criminals and make them face the law.”

“For anyone to kill in the name of religion is wrong because no religion teaches that.

“To know that a problem exists is part of the solution, the second is to gather as one people and tackle these challenges.

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