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PDP will collapse if I move to APC – Governor Umahi



Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state has claimed that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will collapse if he leaves the party, The Nation reports.

Umahi remarks comes on the heels of report that the governor is making final arrangements with his deputy to jointly move to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Governor David Umahi says PDP will collapse if he move to APC
But according to the governor, anybody that has such thoughts about his defection “is just dreaming”, because he remained one of the strong pillars holding the PDP.

Speaking through Senator Emmanuel Onwe, his commissioner for information and state orientation, Umahi said that the speculation of his defection is false.

Stressing that the speculation was the figment of the imagination of those harbouring the rumour, the governor said he is going nowhere.

His statement read: “There has been speculation as to whether the Governor of Ebonyi state is moving to the APC or whether he is remaining in PDP, and who is going with him and who is not going with him.

“I want to address this matter hopefully once and for all, for all Nigerians to understand that Governor Umahi is one of the centre pillars of the PDP.

“And I say that with a very deep conviction from my soul. This is a party on whose platform he has been the state chairman for four years, a party on whose platform he was the deputy governor for four years and now, governor hopefully for eight years.

“And anyone speculating about either his commitment or his strength, or his role within the party or any doubt at all about whether he is remaining or decamping, is just dreaming.”

The statement added: “If the Umahis are not in the PDP, it will completely collapse. And that is why his colleagues and others recognize that he is a man of considerable political wisdom, and knowledge and understanding and can really play the game very well. So, he is not going anywhere.

“And all those with him, I emphasize that; every single member of his cabinet and those that are the stalwarts of PDP in Ebonyi state are with him 110%. Nobody is going anywhere.

“He has provided the sort of leadership that I think not only is it necessary in Ebonyi to have that sort of leadership, but it is absolutely imperative that in a country, we should have that sort of leadership as well.

“So, his style is to be emulated and if the APC or any other party for that matter is hoping that Umahi would join them, I think they should not be blamed for wishing to have a very good quality political material indeed.”

Meanwhile, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) recently arrested Governor Umahi’s brother, Austin Umahi, over the alleged role he played in disbursing funds reportedly used to bribe electoral officers during the 2015 elections.

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