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Man arrested for attempting to sell dog meat in Kenya



Magana Mutethia from Kagwanungu Village in Kenya, was on Friday arrested for slaughtering a dog and attempting to sell to a neighbor who was not aware it was dog meat. Magana who has never been seen with animals in his compound was exposed by the curious neighbor who wanted to know the source of the meat.

According to Nairobi News, he found the dog’s carcass with some parts missing, while some other parts had already eaten by him.
Mr Samuel Murera, the neighbor who was to purchase the dog meat said he suspected the meat and insisted on making inquiring where he got it from.
‘I suspected the meat and I decided to visit his house where he purported the remaining parts were, I peeped through he window and saw a dog’s carcass hanging on a stick. I called villagers who informed the area assistant chief.’
The suspect is currently detained at Meru Police Station.

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