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Photos: Sharia court sentences five Somali youths involved in brutal gang-rape of two 16-year-old girls, to prison, lashes and fines



Five suspects involved in the brutal gang-rape of two 16-year-old girls in Galdogob, Puntland, Somalia that sparked outrage across the country have been sentenced to a combination of lashes, prison time and a fine by a sharia court in Galdogob on Sunday, January 29th.

The young men was arrested earlier this month after they forced two girls into a car and drove them to the outskirts of Galdogob before they were violently raped and assaulted, The viral video that surfaced of the attack which occurred in December of last year repulsed the nation. One of the girls assaulted was hospitalized for a month following the at
The sentencing document lists the sentences as follows :

1) Shirwa Jama Junle was sentenced to 200 lashes, a ten-year prison sentence as well as a $4620 USD fine

2) Yasir Maher Hashi was sentenced to 200 lashes, an eight-year prison sentence and a fine of $3520USD

3) Ayanle Wale was sentenced to 100 lashes, a seven-year prison sentence and a fine $2560USD

4) Yahya Awka was sentenced to 100 lashes, a six-year prison term, and a fine of $1760USD.

5) Abdirizak Hosh Jibril was sentenced to 100 lashes, a five-year prison term and a fine of $1760USD.

The total sum of $14,220 is to be paid to the two victims. One victim will receive $6080 while the one who sustained more serious injuries will receive $8140.

A six man, who was initially arrested with the group was found not guilty by the court. According to testimony heard at the trial, he did not participate in the gang-rape and assault but he recorded it. The court ruled that the video was instrumental in securing the convictions of the other five men. He has been released.
Source: Hiiran Online/ Somali Updated

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