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Chrome 56 for Android Brings New Download Features, Stability Fixes, and More



Google, shortly after rolling out Chrome 56 for Windows, Mac, and Linux, has now started rolling out the version to Android users. Chrome 56 (version 56.0.2924.87) for Android has been released and will be available to download (and update) via Google Play “over the course of the next week.” Chrome 56 for iOS was also released alongside.

The new Chrome version for Android focuses on performance and stability fixes while also comes with new features. The Chrome 56 will now let you tap on emails, addresses, and phone numbers in webpages. The new version also brings easy access features for downloaded files and will also let user’s access webpages from the new tab page. Another feature that is focused on new tab page is it allows downloading article suggestions on long press.

The latest version of Chrome for Android also brings changes to page reload behaviour which is claimed to produce reloads that are 28 percent faster.

Google stresses that despite being a relatively minor change, the new behaviour makes reloads faster and consume less bandwidth and power. Chrome 56 also brings support for Web Bluetooth which allows developers to connect with Bluetooth devices such as printers or LED displays.

9to5google points out few more changes in Chrome 56 for Android including a new offline viewing feature that allows accessing the saved pages. Notably, the ‘Touch to Search’ has also received visual tweak that can now offer access to search page as its own tab.

Last week, Google rolled out Chrome 56 for Windows, Mac, and Linux adding features like labelling certain HTTP websites as non-secure and setting HTML5 as the default over Flash for all users.

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