Naked carpenter taken to court for insisting on working naked outside in his garden

42 year old Rob Jenner, who loves doing odd jobs around his house while he's completely naked (read here), has been taken to court by his neighbours. What makes Rob's case different is that he goes as far as working outside the house naked in full glare of the public, children inclusive.

Rob who was formerly a soldier admits that he is a naturist and loves being naked, but people living around have a problem with that and he was charged with breaching a community protection notice and 13 other public offenses after an angry neighbour, Fredrick, called the police on him. Rob denies all the charges levelled against him.

Fredrick was on his way home when he saw Rob working naked in his front garden and this infuriated him, he told the Maidstone Magistrates Court.
“Kids are walking around that area all the time, it’s right by a school. People don’t want to see that, it’s not right.” Fredrick said.
Four other witnesses who were angry about Rob's nakedness spoke to the court.

Community warden Debbie Foreman said she felt uncomfortable after seeing Rob crouched down in his front garden with his manhood covered by a work belt.

The Prosecutor, Paul Edwards, told the court that Rob’s actions had caused alarm and distress to neighbours and that he must have known that his action will offend his neighbour and that was obviously the reason why he put up a sign that read;
“A naturist is working on this property, please do not take offence.”
Rob's lawyer, Alex Davey, said Rob is a naturist and his behavior is “acceptable in accordance with his human rights”. The trial is still ongoing.

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