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Google Home Set to Get Multi-User Support Soon



Google introduced its smart speaker Google Home last year, and because of its nascent technology, there’s also a lot that still needs to be incorporated. Early adopters mostly nagged about the inability of Google Home of distinguish between voices of different people in one home. Looks like Google is heeding feedback, and is looking to add multi-user support feature, an app teardown of the v1.21 update for Google Home reveals. The update also brings along a few improvements like alarm and timer checks and individual voice recognition.

Android Police spotted the multi-user support feature while digging into the code. It claims that the app will allow the option to add users, and set up individual profiles for them. This means that the device will be able to recognize individual voices, and switch to that user automatically. You won’t need to open the app to switch users, but a seamless transition will happen by recognising ‘individual voice’.

However, there is no clarity on when or if this will arrive in the stable version, but the code definitely confirms that Google is working on it.

As we mentioned, Google Home version 1.21 brings a way to check alarms and timers set on Google Home, and delete them if required. This nifty feature is hidden well inside the app, but if you really want to get there, head to Devices in the Navigation drawer, find your device, Choose Settings > Alarms and Timers. This section lets you adjust the volume, choose the music of the alarm, and even delete them if you want to. However, there is no way you can modify an existing alarm on the app. The Google Home app update for Android users should arrive via OTA on Google Play.

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