Igbos can't be president in Nigeria - Prof Nwoye

Professor Nabi Coz Chaim Nwoye has said that it is impossible for an Igbo person to be president of Nigeria due to the structure of the country.

There has been call for an Igbo presidency and this has been fuelled by a statement attributed to former president, Olusegun Obasanjo when he said the Igbos should be allowed to rule to the country.

Vanguard reports that Nwoye who teaches Hebrew History and Etymology at Corner Stone University, Jerusalem said anyt Igbo contesting for president in Nigeria was on his own.

He said: “Igbo man can only be a president of Biafra. I do not see the Igbo in the Presidency of Nigeria. Any Igbo man who wishes to contest to be president of Nigeria is on his own. There will be no room for the Igbo man in the Presidency of Nigeria.”

Nwoye, who is also the leader (Chief Rabbi) of Jewish Bet Knesset in Africa hails from Ebonyi State.

He also spoke about the agitation for the actualisation of Biafra where he said it would be very difficult to achieve except support comes from the United States, Israel, Germany and China.

Nwoye also said revolution was needed in Nigeria so that those who looted the treasury are made to pay.
Louis Ojibe

Louis Ojibe

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