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Man calls Jesus Christ ‘useless’ because of his sister’s death (photo)



Due to the death of his sister, a young Nigerian guy, Udummiri Nwakalu took to his Facebook wall to insult Jesus Christ because of his sister’s death.

Udummiri Nwakala

The young man posted the picture of his late sister and accused Jesus of not being able to apprehend those who killed her. He said: “That’s my sister, she was murdered in 2011. The people who killed her were lucky I was still a Christian then, I left the case to useless Jesus who couldn’t do anything to the murderers.”

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This post has generated several negative comments on his page. However, while going his page this young man has also said another negative thing about Jesus Christ after seeing a picture of how a man’s face exploded for allegedly cutting the bible and using it to smoke.

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Nawa o!

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