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You will be shocked why this baby abandoned by adoptive parents (photos, video)



– A mother with financial difficulties had given her baby up for adoption

– But the girl was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome

– The adoptive parents left the newborn and never came back…

A girl who had been originally put up for adoption, because her real mother was having financial difficulties at the time of her pregnancy, was abandoned by the adoptive parents that had agreed to receive her before she was born.

Abigail’s showed signs of her syndrome since the day she was born.

They could not bear to see Abigail Lynn’s face, which crudely reflected her rare genetic condition, called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Her cheeks, bones, and jaw looked too underdeveloped right from the start. The adoptive parents left the hospital after meeting the newborn, claiming she “was not what they hoped for.”

Abigail’s biological mother, Christina Fisher, was left with the dilemma of not having anyone else to take care of her baby, so she decided that, against all odds, she would raise her herself.

Fisher thinks the awkward situation with the adoptive parents was a sign that Abigail should be with her real family, and no one else.

Fisher is now raising Abigail on her own, and is giving her a happy life, despite the difficulties that come with raising a child with her condition. Treacher Collins affects the development of bones and other tissues of the face. Many people with this syndrome are also born with a cleft palate, an opening in the roof of the mouth.

Over one year later, Abigail looks like a normal, cheery toddler, and most importantly, accompanied by the love of her own mom.

“I look forward to seeing her become a superstar,” Abigail’s proud mother says. Fisher comments she couldn’t imagine living without her now.

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