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OMG! See what teachers did to students for coming late



Teachers have been known to devise several means of punishing their students when they err, but this seems to be the most bizarre one.

According to some pictures circulating online, some students of a public secondary school in Baham, Western region of Cameroon, were asked to strip down to their underwear (or none sef) while they flogged them for coming late to school.

The story was shared by outraged Cameroonians who couldn’t understand why the teachers would choose that form of punishment. The boys and the girls were made to lie on the ground in the same space.

Sharing the post on Facebook, Song Mudoh wrote:

“Only in Africa will you see this type of nonsense. Student stripped n**ed and flogged as part of school punishment. I really don’t care what they did but this is totally unacceptable. And it’s so funny why these grown students allowed themselves to be punished in this manner.”

See more pictures below:

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