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AGAIN !!! Boko Haram insurgents attacks village in Borno



Borno State has continued to be under the mercy of Boko Haram insurgents, the latest of this attack was on Saturday night when fire wasupon the villagers, a vigilante source revealed on Sunday.

According to the source, dozens of terrorists invaded Amarwa in Konduga local government area late at night and began looting homes and shooting residents.

They proceeded to burn down the homes they looted.The source, a member of the local vigilante group, told SaharaReportersthat villagers alerted the Nigerian Army in Konduga, but by the time thesoldiers responded, the terrorists had already wreaked havoc in the community.

“Many people were killed and the whole village was razed down completely after they looted our fooditems,” the vigilante said.“ We sighted them afar so we tried our best to stop them by engaging them, but they were better equipped.”

At the time of publication, the number of casualties remained unknown.

Source: Informationng

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