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Alibaba wishes AY a happy birthday with a hilarious throwback photo



Many do not know that before popular comedian AY became a huge superstar, he once worked as a personal assistant for industry veteran Ali Baba and since then, both have enjoyed a father – son relationship.

AY recently celebrated his birthday and to celebrate him, Ali Baba took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of AY describing how proud of him he was.

He also wrote about how determination and focus made AY become the star he is today. See his post below:

“Happy birthday… Back then you needed starch to make the fabric hard and stand out… but now you have worked so hard and stand out with a stash of cash to boot. You didn’t need a wide collar job. The folds on your clothes were just signs of what were to unfold. Sorry I meant white collar job.

Even when the falling hand made the grass look greener on the other side, you were focused on your stand up. The bell bottoms rang out thrn for you… but you pencilled it down to make it. I celebrate you. Happy birthday Son. When I get back let’s hook up to share a bottle of Remy Martin XO….”

Happy birthday to AY, from all of us at

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