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Google Calendar Can Now Better Manage Large Events



Google Calendar has now been updated to include more features, notably the ability to handle large events and big meetings. This feature will allow you to plan events with more than 200 attendees in it, by automatically adding and removing people who accepted or denied their attendance at the gathering.

The update will be rolled out to all end users, and the feature should reach everyone in a few days. With this Google Calendar update, event organisers of big events with more than 200 people can now use Calendar on the web to export guest lists to Google Sheets, and can also view the total number of attendees.

The organiser who creates the event for large groups can see and download guest’s replies, email address, and any added notes as well. If the organizer has edit rights to a group of 200 people or more, then he can open the event on the original calendar from which the event was created. Select Export Guest Responses to Sheets. Google Sheets will make a list from the most current RSVP list. To update the information, repeat the step above. The export will create a new tab at the beginning of the original Sheet with the most up to date information. It is important to note that you will only see RSVP status of members of groups that you have permissions to see.

Furthermore, thanks to the update, if a group mailing list has been invited to a newly created event, Calendar will automatically invite any new group members who join after the invite was sent and automatically remove members who leave. Previously, invites that included large group mailing lists wouldn’t update if members in those groups changed. Now, members of the group see the event on their calendar, and people who join the group later will also see the event in their Google Calendar automatically. Similarly, people who leave the group will see the event removed from Calendar as well.

Lastly, when you create a new recurring event, the guest list will update to match any changes in the group. Google notes that if you’ve created a recurring event before August 2017, it’s essential to cancel and recreate the event to ensure your Calendar guest list continues to match group membership in the future.

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