How church members caught a thief in Ondo state (photos)

According to reports, some armed robbers had entered the church looking for a means to cart away the money thatwas supposed to be used for a very important programme.

The robbers who were reportedly three in number, ran away after they were rendered ‘powerless’ by some of the members of the church who gathered tochant ‘I am a Chosen’.

One of the robbers who was not so ‘lucky’ fell into a gutter and was caught and tied up before being handed over tothe police.The armed robber was tied up and eventually taken away by the police.

Sharing the post, the official Facebook page of The Lord’s Chosen Cross River, wrote:”HOW CHOSEN MEMBERS NABBED AN ARMED ROBBER IN ONDO STATE When we tell people that God of all creation is resident in Chosen, they always think we are making noise. The testimony I’m about sharing is a living proof to this.

Two days before the just concluded TheLord’s Chosen Ondo State Crusade (MY STORY MUST CHANGE), some unknown persons broke into the state pastor’s office to cart away the money kept therefor the running of the programme but God of Chosen blindfolded them and they were unable to see the money that was so glaring to anybody that enters the office.

Now, on Monday night after the crusade, they came boldly again because they believed pledge was made in the programme, but this time around, God was not ready to show them mercy again since they didn’t learn their lessons in their previous attempt.

As the workers and leaders gathered fortheir usual vigil, while prayers were going on, the state pastor came out of his office but it was unusual of him. Immediately, he sang a song which goes thus; “Covenant keeping God, there is no one like You, Alpha and Omega, there is no one like you.”

He made reference to the just concluded crusade – (MY STORY MUST CHANGE) AND PROCLAIMED THAT OURSTORY HAS INDEED CHANGED. Shortly after that statement, ‘some armed men’ came to attack the church with their weapons and as they surrounded the church compound, 3 of them quickly entered inside the church. On seeing them, all the brethren declared themselves Chosen (I Am A Chosen – 3 Times, just according to the instruction of our general pastor – that we should declare ourselves Chosen, that we shall see the glory of God in action.)

All of a sudden, they became powerless and they took to their heels, while running, one of them fell into the gutter and was apprehended by some of the Chosen mopol brethren. He was later handed over to the Police at B Division, Oke Aro. The name of the police head that the case was handed over to is, ASP ENEBELEM.

It happened only in Chosen. If you are not yet a Chosen, I wonder what you arestill waiting for. All Glory to God Almighty, The Great God of Chosen. From Chosen Online Revivalist Correspondence in Ondo State.”

See another picture below:

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