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Lady shares photo of policeman who harassed her bikeman and almost got her killed



The slogan ‘police is your friend’ does not exactly read true in this case, as a young lady was almost killed due to police harassment.

According to the lady who shared the story via her Instagram page @iamjayhemkay, a policeman had stopped the bike she was riding on and was harassing the bikeman till she fell.

She claims the policeman kept struggling to take control of the bike and she was almost crushed by an oncoming vehicle after she fell off the bike.The policeman held onto the bike.

Photo: Instagram/iamjayhemkay

Sharing the post on her page she wrote:”This miscreant nearly got me killed today…he was dragging the bike that I boarded until I fell with my loads on the road while there was a vehicle coming. Thank God the person wasn’t on speed he would’ve crushed me….still he refused to let go even when he saw me screaming on the floor…just because hewas trying to extort money from the bikeman which he refused to comply…he was even sitting on the bikenonchalantly and remorseless…those that are supposed to protect people now bring harm this is uncalled for…they need to be called to order they’re really constituting nuisance this wacko needs to stop ….police officer @ akobo Ibadan general Gas Rd.”

Have you experienced this before, let usknow in the comment session.

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