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Google App for iOS Gets Twitter-Like Trending Feature, Instant Answers, and More



Google’s search app on iOS has now got a Twitter-like “Trending Searches” feature. When users tap into the box to start a search, the app will show searches that are trending and also provide instant answers to queries. The new update is available for iOS users with Google app version 34.1.

While tapping at the search bar to start typing, you’ll notice a new trending section under your history that will show you what’s trending in your region.

The icon makes it easy for users to differentiate between your own search history and what’s trending in your area. You’ll also see the trending icon – the blue climbing arrow – on some of the cards under the search bar that tell you these search queries are trending.

When this feature was rolled out last year on Android, people had complained that they found it annoying and distracting, especially as the content returned was not what they were personally interested in. As the the feature is designed to show what the masses on Google are searching for, many complained that the searches did not reflect what they might be personally interested in.

After a series of complaints on the Google Search product forum, the company updated and included an opt-out setting in the Google Search app. The same feature has also been included in iOS app version.

A new feature will provide instant answers to queries before you even complete the search. In fact, Google will show you results even if you make a typing error.

Last month, the Google app for Android got an update that provides users easy access to information like cricket scores and statistics, weather, nearby restaurants, ATMs, grocery stores and more. The feature is yet to make it to the iOS version of the app.

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