How Man Stabbed His Fiancee to Death, Blames The Devil (Photo)

A heartless man identified as Ivan Griffin, 24 has confessed how he drove a knife into the heart of his fiancee after revealing that it was the devil that forced him to do it.

Ivan Griffin is accused of murdering 38-year-old Sabrina Mullings just hours after they got engaged. He drove a kitchen knife into the woman’s heart and liver beore she died on the morningof March 13.

Speaking at his murder trial, Griffin saidhe heard voices and was”a spectator in my own body”as the fatal blows were delivered. He denied murdering the woman. Griffin gave evidence at theOld Bailey where his softly spoken voice was barely audible over the hum of the building’s heating system.

He told the jury that he put blood on the walls of their shared flat in Ravensdale Gardens, Upper Norwood, south London, to”rebuke the Devil”,and repeatedly shouted”you can’t haveher”as Ms Mullings lay dying on the floor.

The accused also claimed her last words were to tell him not to take his own life.

Griffin said:”Somehow this was the Devil’s work. There was no other explanation for it – something evil had happened.”I felt like a spectator in my own body. I felt like a puppet on a string.”It was an out of body experience, like I was in a trance.”It was like when you spin around and then you suddenly stand still – everything was distorted.”The prosecution has claimed the “real demons” of male aggression and violence were to blame for what they allege was domestic abuse.

The trial has heard from Ms Mullings’ daughter, Hayley, who said she heard Griffin tell her mum to”drink his blood to cleanse her soul”and talk of”releasing demons”.

The night before the fatal stabbing, Griffin claimed, his fiancee, who had just that day decided to marry him, wasgiving him intense”advice”and”warnings”,and the feeling that”something bad was going to happen”.

Griffin said she told him that he could not trust her or anybody, and the “weird”talk continued into the night.He claimed to the jury on Monday that the pair prayed together and Ms Mullings told him to learn the Ten Commandments and “let them come in”.

Griffin said they went to bed and his thoughts were of “needing to protect her”.He said he picked up a small red kitchen knife and it “just went straight into my chest”.

He told the court:

“It was an overwhelming force. While this is happening I’m totally paralysed.

“Sabrina moves towards me and my arm stretches out and she just drops.

“I just couldn’t stop. It all happened so fast. I don’t know what happened but I know it wasn’t me, I wasn’t in control of what was going on.”I feel like something was taking advantage of my body, I know it soundscrazy.”Ms Mullings was killed by stab woundsto the heart and liver, according to pathologists.

Griffin said he tried to stop the bleedingand then, convinced he was meant to die with her, stabbed himself again in the chest and sliced his neck.He claimed his fiancee spoke to him demanding he stop.

He said:”The last words I heard from her mouth were ‘she will never forgive you if you do that to yourself’.”Griffin was detained under the Mental Health Act having walked to New Kent Road.

Police took him to hospital where was treated, arrested and later assessed by mental health professionals.The trial continues.

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