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iPhone X Packs a Slightly Bigger Battery Than iPhone 8 Plus, Reveals Certification Site



Unlike Android handset OEMs, Apple is not a company that stresses on specifications during its launch events. This is one reason why Apple enthusiasts have to wait sometimes until teardown reports trickle in to reveal innards of the new iPhone models. A recent teardown by iFixit had already confirmed 2GB of RAM and 1821mAh battery on the iPhone 8, and 3GB of RAM and 2691mAh battery on the bigger iPhone 8 Plus. This year, however, they might be in luck as a Chinese certification site has revealed battery size of the iPhone X even before the former’s market availability.

According to the Chinese certification site, iPhone X packs slightly a bigger battery than the iPhone 8 Plus. The certification site claims that the iPhone 8 Plus sports a 2675mAh battery – a number that differs from what iFixit found out – while the iPhone X, on the other hand, packs a 2716mAh battery. The bump may not be huge but it’s worth noting that the iPhone X is slimmer than the iPhone 8 Plus.

Tenaa, the Chinese certification site is usually an accurate source of leaks around the smartphones set to launch in China.

Tenaa listing also accurately notes that the iPhone 8 packs an 1821mAh battery which is surprisingly smaller than the 1960mAh battery seen on the iPhone 7, as also noted during the iFixit teardown.

Comparatively, iPhone 7 Plus also came with a bigger battery capacity of 2900mAh battery. The certification site also confirms/ reveals memory on the new iPhones. According to the listing, iPhone 8 comes with 2GB of RAM while both the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X pack 3GB of RAM.

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