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10 Categories Of Girls In Any Nigerian Female Hostel



10 Categories Of Girls In Any Nigerian Female Hostel

Today, I will be providing you with “10 categories of girls In any Nigerian Female Hostel”.

Type of Girls you will find In Any Nigerian Female School Hostel

1. Bookworm

I choose to begin with this because “ACADEMICS” is the major reason why we came to school and therefore, we shouldn’t make it suffer.

However, this categories of girls are the one’s with the mightiest and largest books lol.

The only thing they do is read.

They can intimidate you with studying and make you feel you are wasting your parents money.

These category are those that are very serious with their studies.

They study ahead of their lecturers and prepare for any question.

They talk about only book, book and book.

Their routine is class, eat, read, sleep and back to class.

2. Chief Chef

This categories of girls talk mainly about food.

They are never tired of eating and as such don’t mess with their stomach.

They are the ones that get to the market 1st and the last to leave.

Likewise, they try out how to make different delicacies.

The good thing about this categories of girls is that they prepare their food themselves.

Therefore, they easily criticize does who don’t prepare theirs.

3. The Big Girls

This set are easily very noticeable.

The good part about them is that they are nice and they actually mingle once in a while.

They form the habit of showcasing the latest human hair available.

In fact from their nails alone, you know they can’t waste their time cooking.

They Simply go out to a good eatery and give themselves a treat.

Likewise, the price of their phones is enough to train you through university, Masters and PhD in a foreign country.

4. Those Who Borrow

These set are one of the most annoying categories of girls you will find in the female hostel.

They don’t have anything of their own.

They totally depend on borrowing.

This category can borrow anything ranging from Brassier, pants, pad, bucket, toothpaste, tin tomato, soaps and detergents.

Trust me, they know how to beg professionally to the extent you can’t say no even if you have planned to.

5. The Mothers

Have you ever wondered how calling a student like you sister and aunt is?.

Then you are not the only one wondering.

Obviously, its an academic field and greeting them good morning won’t be bad.

Anyway, calling them names such as sister and aunty isn’t that good as they will utilize the opportunity to use you.

These are the aunty’s and Big sister’s of the female hostel.

They are well respected either because of heir age (mostly) or the number of times they have spilled.

They can call hostel meeting on your head sef.

Most of the time, they are very considerate.

6. The Normal Girl

This category of girls are the pacified type.

They are more of the deeper life type of girls.

They go about their daily routine calmly and make sure they accomplish their set target.

You can’t catch them prying.

They are humble and most times very intelligent and clean.

7. The Bully

These are the aggressive ones.

Making Noise is their hubby.

They can change it for you immediately they discover it doesn’t suit them.

Most importantly, they forcefully collect you anything they want without getting to ask politely.

They don’t care about your opinion and cut you shut whenever you are contributing to a discussion.

Another thing about them is that they can stay in one room for four years and name their selves mayoress of the room.

They are the reason why first year students rush off campus.

8. The Oversabi

These ones are the ones that have nothing but claim to have everything.

In fact they can tell you what their father is not and you don’t have a choice than to believe until they get exposed.

They classify themselves among the big girls and change their names.

They often bear names like Tracy, Cinderella, Treasure and the likes whereas their real names at home is Oghenerukevwe, Atatakpo, Agbanikokoro etc.

This one’s are easily misled.

9. Run’s Girls

This are the clubers.

They are never around and come to eventually waste the remainder of their day when they arrive.

Bed-bugs usually occupy their spaces while they are away.

Funny enough, most of them don’t know their roommates as they are hardly around.

Likewise, they hardly attend classes and you only see them fully in the room during exams.

They dress up every evening and return in the afternoon the next day to come and sleep.

They are also called magicians as they will want to fully finish one text book for an exam they have the next day.

10. The Prayer Warriors

Have you ever heard this “………. Sisters, Its 5:30AM. Let’s wake up for morning prayers”.

I would have begun with this category but I thought it wise to round it up with them.

These ones are the ones usually referred to as the “SPIRITKOKO”.

The first and the last voice you hear in the morning and evening are tongues.

Their Bible’s look like the Stones Moses wrote the ten commandment.

But in all, this ones are very calm and mind their business in most cases.

That’s the Much I can take on the topic

“10 Categories of Girls In Any Nigerian Female Hostel”.

I know you know more of them and as such you can drop them in the comment box so we can update it.

Please remember that SHARING is CARING.

Thanks for reading



I am a blogger, web developer, student of the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO). My goal is to create a news and info update platform Nigerian students. You can contact me via my social media accounts.

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