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10 Excuses To Give Your Friends When You are Too Broke To Go Out



Adulting sucks most of the time

Trying to survive as an adult is stressful, and honestly, we all deserve awards. Money is so hard to come by, and at the same time, you have to manage money, look fine, eat well and have a social life all at the same time. It’s so tough! If you have friends, there have been times where they’ve definitely invited you to chill and deep down inside you know the only money you have is for transport to work. Getting them off your back can be hard so we came up with some excuses you can give them when you’re broke and you really don’t want to go out.

1. Um, guys, I’d love to go out with you but I’m really sick

2. ‘I lost my bank card’
Just say you lost your card. Hopefully, someone will offer to foot your bill.

3. ‘Sorry I have an important project to complete’

4. ‘Sorry guys, I really need to rest because I’ve been super stressed from work’

5. ‘Ew, I’m tired of going to that club, you guys go on without me’
Just pretend like you’re sick of visiting the place they want to go to.

6. ‘My parents need me at home’
African parents can be unreasonable, so your friends should understand.

7. Oh, you wanted to hang out? Sorry, I have other plans on that day, next time though
Just pretend like you have something really cool scheduled for the same date and pretend to reschedule.

8. ‘I didn’t get your message!’
Blame it on the phone company.

9. ‘I haven’t been paid in months’
This will definitely get you some sympathy.

10. ‘I have a date’
Even though your love life is non-existent, they’d probably believe you and let you off the hook.



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