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Facebook Spotted Testing LinkedIns Resume Feature



It appears Facebook has decided which company’s features it is going to replicate next on its juggernaut social media website. The company is testing a feature on its website that allows one to build and maintain their CV.

The feature, first reported by The Next Web’s Matt Navarra, allows users to list their professional experience and education on Facebook. Additionally, users can also add their contact details, an image and other relevant information. From the looks of it, Facebook seems to have made it very simple for users to edit and add entries to their CV.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @MattNavarra

Even as it is not clear how soon Facebook plans to bring this feature to every user, it already looks eerily similar to the way LinkedIn takes these details and presents them to the world. For LinkedIn, this might be upsetting as Google itself started to surface job listings in search results earlier this year.

Facebook has long allowed users to share their education and professional experience on the website, but this is the first time the company is taking such a deep-dived approach at the matter and visibly calling the option as a resume.

In the past two years, Facebook has aggressively added new features to its website and to its apps to replicate its rivals’ offerings as it witnesses declining engagement from users. Nearly all of its apps, for instance, now have “Stories,” a feature it copied from Snapchat.

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