FULL STORIES: The Flames Of Paradise – Episode 01 [Read]

Episode 1
Snigdha twirled the letter between her fingers once, before reading it yet again. She had already done it thrice but to be sure of its contents she unfolded the thin sheet and spread it in her lap. Her eyes went through each syllable, each word carefully. There was no doubt about its message, She had been waiting for a letter from Triple Eye Communications (TEC) for so long that she had lost all hope of getting a positive one. Snigdha being a scriptwriter and a trained cinematographer had not bargained for such a plum offer as this one to fall on her lap. She had submitted the proposal to make a two-hour Docu-Drama after getting a feeler from her old pal Nitin, who was Co-Director, Triple Eye. Hence, she had submitted the proposal as a ‘Director and Writer’ after Nitin had told her that Triple Eye was looking for some proposals on Terrorism in Kashmir. She had spent months on the research and the script of her concept and had submitted it to them feeling slightly nervous. And now being offered to produce and direct the entire film was too much to digest. Yesterday Nitin had called her to congratulate her for her excellent script and assured her that Triple Eye team was very impressed with the concept and had something big coming her way but she still hadn’t understood the hidden meaning under his jubilant note that they were funding the whole project with Snigdha as the Director of the beautifully written Docu-Drama….Snigdha let out a wavering sigh and slid into a well-cushioned arm chair to think about her gradual growth in television.
Snigdha, 28, had got her training from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune where she had specialized as a Cinematographer, two years back. Since then, she had been working as a freelancer, conceptualising and making documentaries for some NGOs and organizations that had some meagre funds for such projects. Last year one of her films on witchcraft in remote villages of Chhattisgarh had been awarded in the Mumbai International Film Festival. Snigdha had been showered with accolades and appreciation and she suddenly felt her ambition soar and take her to a new flight of fantasy to become one of the most sought-after documentary film-maker in her country. Soon after, her documentary was chosen by the most popular national TV channel for telecast and she felt an ambition to produce a film on the burgeoning terrorism in the paradise land of Kashmir take shape in her heart. And thus started her journey to read about thousands of innocents killed in the beautiful lap of nature…her research took her in the hearts and minds of the devious terrorists who once upon a time lived a normal life. After meeting experts and some imprisoned terrorists, her study produced an emotional saga called, ‘Flames of Paradise’, a story of a few terrorists who in the name of
Jihad, have been on a killing spree, tarnishing the image of nearly all the Muslims around the globe.

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