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FULL STORIES: The Flames Of Paradise – Episode 03 [Read]



Dimple was rubbing her hands with anticipation and then said, ‘later. First out with the news!’
So Snigdha decided to let the cat out of the bag.
‘Do you remember when I had told you about my new script?’
‘The one on Kashmir?’
‘Yeah! Well not on Kashmir per se, but the terrorism in Kashmir valley.’
‘Comes to the same thing!’ Dimple quipped.
‘Come on Dimple. It’s not the same but I am not going to waste my breath explaining the real picture.
Well Nitin had asked me to submit my first copy to Triple Eye Communications. Triple Eye’s productions regularly feature on all leading satellite channels for documentaries like Discovery, Natgeo, BBC, Channel 4, etc. I followed his advice. Do you know what happened? It was not only accepted, but they want to outsource the film to me. I am the official producer/director of my own script, ‘Flames of Paradise’ to be shot and directed by me and my team! I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am.’
‘But it’s not possible! You are a Cinematographer not a Director. You don’t know a thing about direction!
‘Hullo? I have written the full script myself after doing research for months. And learnt everything about direction during my Masters course at the Film Institute.’
‘OK OK… I was just pulling your leggie sweety!’ Dimple dimpled and continued, ‘I am so happy for you.
But how does it concern me?’
‘You? Well… I was thinking that the person from whose point of view the story will be told, could be you, I mean the narrator.’ Noticing the stunned surprise on Dimple’s face Snigdha continued, ‘Well if you are not interested, I can…’ Snigdha said tongue in cheek.
You idiot! Why didn’t you tell me this before? Of course I will do it. After all where will you get such a ravishing, smart, intelligent…’
‘OK! Stop blowing your own trumpet! First I have to suggest your name to Nitin, then a screen test will happen and then… ’
‘Nitin? That high and mighty fella? I can twist him around my little finger anytime. Just give me 15 minutes with him!’ Dimple snapped her fingers.
No way! Keep your little finger intact and to yourself. And quit using casting couch techniques! I will talk to him.’ Snigdha said teasingly.
‘Do you fancy him yourself?’ Dimple asked with mock suspicion.
‘Shut up Dimple! When will you ever get serious? Look at this letter! I’ve been invited for a final talk with the production house on Monday. It seems they want the project to start next month. So, now you just have to wait for the green signal from me. Till then polish yourself for the Screen Test! Get your spas and hair dos or whatever you need to do!’
‘OK… if you say… but I was getting excited to meet Nitin the hunk! He’s so dark and mysterious… !’ Dimple was now smiling wistfully.

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