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PS4 FIFA 18 Bundle India Price and Release Date Revealed



Announced in July, Sony is finally making the PS4 FIFA 18 bundle available in India. Multiple retailers speaking to Gadgets 360 have confirmed that they will be receiving stock of the PS4 Slim FIFA 18 bundle this week. Expect listings on sites like Games the Shop and Amazon shortly.

While Europe gets five different PS4 FIFA 18 bundles that come with extra controllers, varied hard drive sizes, and even one with the PS4 Pro, India gets a single FIFA 18 PS4 bundle. This is the PS4 1TB console with a disc of FIFA 18. The price is similar to other PS4 bundles, Rs. 32,990.

PS4 Slim 1TB FIFA 18 bundle – what’s in the box:

FIFA 18 game disc with 3 ICON Loan Players and Rare Players Pack
Considering that FIFA 18 has been available in India since mid-September – well before the official release date, this new bundle from Sony could do wonders for getting those stuck on a PS3 to upgrade to its latest console. We’ve requested Sony India for comment and will update this story if we hear from the company.

However this has other implications – such as not so scrupulous retailers removing the game from the bundle and selling it for less to consumers. It’s an under the table move that’s been popular with past Sony bundles and we won’t be surprised to see it here.

What this means is, if you’ve been holding off on FIFA 18, you might just get it cheaper still. Though at an MRP of Rs. 3,699, we wonder how much lower it can go at this juncture.

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