With the rapid increase in the number of internet surfers in Nigeria, the country has failed to make the list of top gigabyte users.

Many countries Nigeria inclusive has been introducing unlimited data packages to internet users which has increased the levels of data usage rise considerably in recent years.

The above info-graphic shows mobile data usage per mobile broadband subscription in selected OECD countries last year, with Finland first by a wide margin.

In 2016, Finnish smartphone users consumed an average of10.95GB of mobiledata per month, considerably morethan Austria’s6.28GB. In Finland, users can select the speed for all services without having their usage capped.

For example Elisa offers tiered speeds for 4G at 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps and 300Mbps including unlimited data usage. Sweden and South Korea recorded mobile data usage of 4.38 and 3.83GB per month respectively while U.S. smartphone owners used 2.67GB.

While some U.S. operators like Sprint and T-Mobile do offer unlimited usage plans and charge by speed, others are still rooted back in the 3G-era.

Nigerian have we been cheated?

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