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Uber Debuts UberHIRE XL in New Delhi, Offers Large Cars for Rentals



Next time you’re planning a trip with your friends to a nearby vacation spot, you might want to check out Uber app before you leave. Uber said on Monday it was bringing UberHIRE XL, an extension of UberHIRE tier that it has offered for sometime, to New Delhi, as the company further scales up its offering across various Indian cities. UberHIRE XL allows as many as six people to travel together, compared to UberHIRE, which allows up to four people to share the ride.

Unlike most of the offerings from Uber, UberHIRE and UberHIRE XL allow a customer to book a cab for several hours at once. UberHIRE XL, for instance, lets a user book the cab for as many as eight hours, hence serving as a convenient mode of transportation for tourists or for people visiting a marriage ceremony. UberHIRE XL also offers users the option to make multiple stops in a trip.

“With the influx of tourists in the capital, Uber aims at providing reliable rides at all hours of the day so tourists can cover key attractions across NCR, thereby supporting and extending the capital’s public transportation system,” Prabhjeet Singh, General Manager, North India, Uber said in a press statement.

Customers who avail a UberHIRE XL will have to pay a minimum fare of Rs. 359 in cash, which will cover an hour of travel time and up to 10 kilometres of ride. UberHIRE XL is at present exclusively available in New Delhi.

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