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Google Search Spotted Testing Device Specifications Comparison Chart



Google seems to be testing a new feature on its Search page which will let users compare devices. The biggest highlight of the feature is it also shows highlight differences between the two compared devices. Android Police spotted the feature first and reports that the new Search feature is still under testing. The Mountain View company is famous for testing new features on its Search page without making a public announcement. The new comparison feature is a worth addition the list.

The report says that the new comparison feature shows up when a user tries to search for two devices with the versus abbreviation “vs” in the middle. One of the shared screenshot shows the query ‘Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL’ resulting in the display of a comparison chart. Google initially shows a brief chart with highlighted differences, but can shows a detailed comparison on tapping more. At this point, it is unclear that the comparison feature is only targeted at smartphones or will include more categories like cars or home appliance products.

The report also adds that the comparison feature currently only works for two devices which mean that if user tries to compare three or more devices then it may not work.

At this moment, the comparison feature is not visible in search on Google India search page or even on the mobile search page. Considering that Google is still testing the feature, we can expect to get broader rollout soon.

Google usually prefers a limited number of users for its testing of a new feature. In the past, we have seen the company making server-side changes to officially roll out a new feature.

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