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Private jets are too expensive to be purchased with offerings, tithes – Agboli



As the controversy over the topic of payment of tithes and offerings rages on, Pastor (Mrs.) Blessing Agboli who isthe wife of General Overseer of The Victorious Army Ministries Internationalhas waded into it.

Agboli rejected the popular belief that tithes and offerings were used to pay for private jets by religious leaders.

The Nation reports that the pastor said private jets were too expensive to be purchased with tithes and offerings.

She spoke on Tuesday, November 7 in Lagos ahead of the Bethel Victory Convention of the church.

She said:‘’Offerings cannot buy private jets. You cannot just park a jet without making a business out of it.‘’Owning a private jet is not a sin and those who have them should never be apologetic.‘’I don’t think offerings can buy jets. I don’t think pastors also should apologise for making and spending money.‘’That we are pastors does not mean we should be poor.’’

She however agreed that not all criticisms are bad as some could be beneficial to religious clerics.

‘’Critics help you to be careful and manage your excesses. When they criticise us, they help us a lot. Not all criticisms are bad.’’

Apostle Suleman had earlier addressed OAP, Daddy Freeze on the issue of tithing that has been a controversy on social media for a few weeks now.

The pastor in response to Daddy Freezesaid that he isn’t reacting out of emotions or sentiment but he thinks it is insulting for Daddy Freeze to have talked back at pastor Adeboye on the issue.

Daddy Freeze has decided to give a response to Apostle Suleman by addressing him from his social media page.

He claimed that he is up for a debateon the issue if Apostle Suleman will provide a venue so the issue can belaid to rest at once.

He also mentioned that the Apostle did not provide bible references to back up his claims.

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