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See 5 Ways The Enemy Is Attacking Your Marriage



The Enemy finds many ways to try and destroy marriages. What are six of the many ways that theEnemy uses to attack marriages?


This is the most common attack used by the enemy.Surviving Infidelity is possible with God’s help. Luke 1:37 says, “For nothing is impossible with God.


The Devil will try to gain control of you through different forms of addiction – creating dependency where it’s the sole source of fulfillment. While substances like drugs and alcohol are common sources of addiction

3.Lack of Trust:

Trust is part of the foundation structure of any marriage and when trust is lacking, there is doubt, fear, and uncertainty in all areas of the marriage.


With the economic uncertainty of the times and the growing debt among families, thetensions created by living on the edge of financial ruin greatly stresses the family and that is why money is one of the greatestcauses for separation and divorce.

5.Domestic Violence:

With all of the recent news about violence in the home, domestic violence in the form of spousal abuse andchild abuse is ripping families apart at the seams.

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