The secret to Black Friday success in Nigeria: Start Early

A recent survey found that 66% of Nigerians shop online every few months, compared to 60% of South Africans and 45% of Kenyans.

This should be music to retailers’ ears as they gear up for Black Friday (24 November) and Cyber Monday (27 November), which mark the start of the holiday season shopping frenzy.

But while local retailers have access to a bigger pool of retailers who are comfortable shopping online, competition for those customers willbe fierce. Many of the big players – including Jumia, Konga, Slot, Kaymu,Dealdey and Yudala – are not taking any chances and kicked off their Black Friday promotions on 13 November and plan on continuing them until 13 December.

Smaller retailers could be wonderinghow to compete against this massive push from the big guys but with a little creative thinking, any industry – from mining and manufacturing to agriculture, construction or even the local bakery – can take advantage of consumers’ appetite to spend.

BlackFridayis no longer just for retailers.

Biggest yet

In South Africa,economists expect this year’s Black Friday to be the biggest yet, despite a depressed economy. In Nigeria, Jumia plans to offer more than one million deals on over 1,000 brands – discounting some by as much as 80%.

While Black Friday is expected to boost retail sales, it’s also expected to negatively impact December sales, as consumers get all their holiday shopping done in one fell swoop.

This suggests that those businesses that don’t participate in Black Friday could experience cash flow problems during the subdued December and January spending months.

Here’s how you canprepare your small business to take advantage of – and survive – the rush:

1. Start early and marketConsumers start researching Black Friday deals weeks in advance to ensure they know where to find the best ones. Why wait until D-Day? Take Jumia’s lead and start early. With less than two weeks to go, startadvertising your specials now – and include daily teasers. Black Friday is an opportunity to gain loyal customers and your marketing should be optimised around this goal. Think of it as an advent calendar that gives customers something to look forward to every day, in the run-up to the main event.

Consider creating a unique hashtag and reward customers who submit the best product selfie, for example. Or offer discount vouchers on futurepurchases if shoppers sign up for your newsletter. Create cart abandonment emails to encourage customers to return to check out.

How to:If you own a gift shop, you might have excess stock that you’ve been struggling to move. Advertise your discounted rates in the local newspaper, on your website, your app and on social media (which is great for targeting specific groups ofpeople), and email your regular customers so that they hear the news from you first.

2. Listen

People are already talking about Black Friday. Tune into the conversation to understand what your target market is hoping to find deals on and how your products andservices meet these needs. Ask yourcustomers to “write to Santa” and submit their Black Friday wish-lists, so you know what they want.

How to:Twitter is the best platform to monitor real-time conversations. In the search box, type your product – e.g. cakes – and ‘Black Friday’ to get an idea not only of what customers want (you might come across someone hoping for a bulk deal on a cupcake order, for example) but also what your competitors or bakeries in other countries are planning, and get some ideas. If you’re not getting great insights from Twitter, run your own poll to get feedback from your regular customers about what they hope to see on your promotions list.

3. Organise

Stock will fly off the shelves over theBlack Friday weekend so it’s important that you are able to update stock levels in real-time, to avoid disappointing customers at check-out.

How to:Adopt an online solution that tracks inventory and sales and gives you insights into the products that sell well. This buys you time to adequately stock your shelves with in-demand products in time for the festive season.

4. Test

Make sure your website can handle the expected increase in traffic. Black Friday is all about speed and nothing will send customers away faster than a slow website.

How to:There are hundreds offree website speed test toolsavailable online that let you test the performance of your website and provide tips on how you can make it faster. Consult with an IT professional well in advance to ensure your website doesn’t cave under pressure, resulting in lost sales and customers.

5. Prepare

Bolster your resources to cope with the high demand. Ensure your logistics partner can handle increased deliveries and, if not, outsource the surplus. If you’re a distribution company, create your own Black Friday deal for customers,offering discounted rates or round-the-clock deliveries on the day. And, if you suspect you might be under-staffed, hire unemployed youths andgive them work experience to put on their CVs.

How to:We live in an age of instant gratification and customers who make purchases on these high retail days expect fast delivery. If you run a delivery business, prepare your drivers for the busy weeks ahead and consider giving them a survival kit to take with them on the road. Service your vehicles well before therush so that your operations aren’t affected if one breaks down.

6. Focus on the experience

Small businesses can offer a more personalised shopping experience than large businesses – especially onSmall Business Saturday– an offshoot of Black Friday and Cyber Monday that encourages people to visit and support small businesses in their areas. Create a relaxed shopping environment amid the shoving and elbowing that is synonymous with the day – even if that means limiting the number of customers in your store at a time. Bydelighting customers, you win their loyalty.

How to:With so much foot traffic in your store, now is a good time to let customers sample your products. If you own a candy store, get Santa’s elves to dish out sweets to people waiting in line. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. When you create a memorable shopping experience, customers will tell their friends about it.

7. Offer a variety of payment options

On Black Friday, customers want to bag their specials and move on to the next store as quickly as possible. Your payments system needs to be able tohandle higher transaction loadswith minimal delays – whether customers decide to pay online or in-store. Nigeria has a low penetration of bank cards, withonly36.3% of Nigerianshaving access to a formal bank account. This means cash on delivery is still apopular payment choice and should be one of your payment options this Black Friday.

How to:When accepting payments in-store, the goal is to minimise queue wait times. Hire more staff to serve more customers or adopt a wireless POS system that takes the checkout counter to the customer – like right outside the change rooms of your boutique clothing store. When it comes to e-commerce, confusing or non-functioning payments pages are one of the biggest reasons why shoppers abandon their carts – and why businesses onlyclose 3% of online sales. Create online payments shortcuts and ensure your website is mobile friendly. Adopt a paymentssolution that accepts a variety of payment options.

Remember this:if you’re going to do Black Friday, do it well. It is an opportunity for you as a small business owner to grow your business and get the most out of the festive season.

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