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Video: Nigerian Man Shot Dead In Brazil After Scamming Drug Dealers Who Gave Him Cocaine To Sell



According to a nigerian facebook user Obiwest Utchaychukwu who added this photo and a video a Nigerian Man was killed after he wasgiven cocaine to sell, hethen sold it spent the money and was about to flee back to Nigeria when the caught him, below is how he reported the news;Nigerian Man To Be Shot Dead In Brazil ForCocaine Business Scam#He_Must_Have_Joined_His_Ancestors by now, According to the story shared by a social media user, the Nigerian guy living in Brazil did cocaine business with friends.

When they finished selling all the goods, he decided to dupe them and run to Nigeria with the money. He bought flight ticket to Nigeria. Unfortunately for him, information leaked to his friends. He was caught and is now begging for his life. It is unclear if they will forgive him after paying the money.


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