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Reason Why You Should Not Delete Your Blogger (Blogspot) Sitemap After Move From HTTP to HTTPS

Reason Why You Should Not Delete Your Blogger (Blogspot) Sitemap After Move From HTTP to HTTPS

Did you recently move from HTTP to HTTPS on blogger and you are confused about whether deleting your HTTP version sitemap or leaving it like that.

I have created this post just for you Please Note that simply deleting the sitemap from Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will stop reading it. As stated in the Google support docs:

Deleting a sitemap from Search Console does not prevent Google from reading it. Google might continue to read your sitemap until you either block access to it using robots.txt or remove the sitemap file from your web host

However, it is often recommended that you leave the old HTTP sitemap in place (for some weeks or months at least) to make it easier for Googlebot to recrawl the old URLs in order to discover your new HTTPS site (via an external redirect – presumably you have implemented an HTTP to HTTPS 301 redirect?). However, if your blog HTTP to HTTPS redirect, literally redirects everything, with no exception for the sitemap then no bot is going to see your old HTTP sitemap (on the HTTP property) anyway.

Note that sitemaps are only advisory. It can help search engines crawling a site and discovering URLs, but it does not guarantee that those URLs will be indexed.

Personally, I feel the reasons to keep the old sitemap a bit vague. When migrating from HTTP to HTTPS is that you are only really concerned about the old HTTP URLs that might already be indexed, you are not interested in trying to index more HTTP URLs. The HTTP URLs that are indexed will be recrawled anyway, regardless of whether you have a sitemap or not. Maybe having a sitemap expedites the recrawl (although I don’t think I’ve seen that stated)?! However, keeping the old HTTP sitemap in Search Console can help with reporting as it will help to determine how many of the old HTTP and new HTTPS URLs are indexed.

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