How Technology Helps to Enhance Employee Productivity and Engagement

Human resource leaders consider developed workplace culture and employee engagement as their foremost priorities.
Employee engagement refers to how the workers have invested themselves in the company. If an employee is totally engaged in the workplace, he or she will never want to resign and you will be able to retain them for a longer period of time.

According to Forbes, “employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals.”
An employee needs to feel that he is a part of the organization and wanted to be valued by others.
Organizations nowadays are engaged in so many activities and are using different tools that increase employee engagement and also enhance their productivity.

Companies are increasing the use of technology to boost employee engagement. They are using technology-based platforms for sharing the information and to encourage creative and innovative thinking.

Use of technology leads to the following benefits:

1. Helps in improving communication

2. Helps in expanding business

3. Increases employee engagement

4. Helps in exchanging information through numerous channels.

Use of technology is considered to be a key element that helps in retaining the best talent. Some companies feel cautious to issue gadgets to their employees as they think that if the employees are provided with phones, tablets, etc. then they will waste their time and will not engage themselves in their work but they fail to understand the importance and role of technology in encouraging employee engagement.
In today’s workplace, use of technology is the key to retain your experienced and best staff.

Technology helps in increasing employee engagement and enhancing their productivity in the following way:

1. Telecommuting:

Telecommuting refers to working from home and making use of the internet. It enables the employees to work outside the office either from their home or at a location close to their office or home. The employee need not travel to the workplace instead they can remain in contact with the employers or the coworkers via telephone or email. The advantage that it gives to the company is that the access to the pool of talent is greater and it helps the employees in completing the work in their own time. Through technology employees feel connected which help them to work in an effective way.
Employers can make use of cloud-based storage tools like Dropbox and google docs for sharing files with the employees. Technology helps in building unity and encourage team work which enhances the satisfaction of the employees and they remain engaged in the organization.

2. Helps in reducing stress:

Workplace stress is a common phenomenon. The employees can feel stress due to many reasons like too much work overload, less career growth and opportunities, lack of motivation, etc. Technology helps in solving all these problems as it assists in providing training to the employees more efficiently, sending a reminder for deadlines, and focusing on the steps that are to be followed in a definite project.
Use of technology helps the employees in understanding that what they need to do to improve the level of their performance which overall reduces their stress. Reduced stress leads to increase in productivity which makes them more motivated and confident and they remain loyal to the organization.

3. Helps in improving communication:

Project management systems like ASANA, Basecamp helps the employees in staying updated with the progress and development of the projects. The main benefit of these platforms is that the employees can search for the information related to the project as these are searchable platforms and the employers do not have to repeat the information again and again. Better communication helps in enhancing employee productivity and retention.

4. Increases career and growth opportunities:

Sometimes employees tend to leave the organization because of lack of innovation and advancement. Everyone wants to keep learning and growing. They don’t want to engage themselves in monotonous activities. Employers should put e-learning activities in place and make digital courses available to the employees to make them enhance their productivity. The employees should be given a chance to learn and grow so that they do not look for changes and engage themselves in your organization.

5. Helps in innovation:
By using advanced technology, the employees will feel that you are a forward-thinking organization. Employees should never feel that you are not ready to embrace changes and latest trends. When the employees are given access to the use of various technological tools to complete their projects, it will become easier for them to increase their productivity.
Technology also promotes healthier staff. Employees are given Fitbit devices to stay healthy. Healthier people have more productivity and they remain in the organization for a longer period of time.

Technology helps in identifying the employees that are a good fit for the company, providing them with proper training which will help in retaining them in the organization.
The organization should adapt itself to the latest technological changes so that the employees can increase their productivity and avoid looking for alternatives.

AUTHOR BIO: I’m Jessica Gross. I read and write every day on various topics related to society, culture, academics, business and lifestyle. Also, I have been working as an academic consultant for Australian assignment help for more than a decade. You can catch me on twitter jessica.

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