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JAMB Recommended New Novel: Summary of Sweet Sixteen (16) All You Need to Know



JAMB Recommended New Novel: Summary of Sweet Sixteen (16)


Below is the Summary of jamb suggested New Novel: Sweet Sixteen (16) And Everything you would like to grasp. If you’re writing jamb 2019, then this is often the time to travel through the outline of the book till you have got the cash to shop for one.

Title: Sweet Sixteen

Author: Bolaji Abdullahi

Genre: Fiction

Format: Paperback

Dimension: 5.5 X 8.5

Number of Pages: 157

Publication Year: February one, 2017

Publisher: TND Press restricted

ISBN: 978-978-546-375-0

Available at: Bookstores nationwide.

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Summary of Sweet Sixteen


In Bolaji Abdullahi’s Sweet Sixteen, the protagonist, 16-year-old Aliya, whom her father refers to adoringly as ‘My first lady,’ bombards her father with queries, a number of that threw her journalist father off balance.

‘’Okay father, what does HAK and KOTL mean?,’’Aliya asked. And once the daddy expressed his ignorance of the acronyms, Aliya joyfully provided them; ‘’HAK means that ‘Hugs and Kisses’ whereas KOTL means that ‘Kiss On The Lips’.

And once she added that some students were caught on the school’s court in the dark having ‘’SEX’ (sex), Mr Bello nearly fainted. ‘’But…how does one apprehend all these?,’’ he asked nearly in dismay, to that Aliya replied: ‘’Come on dad, everyone is aware of these items.”

In his debut fictional work, Bolaji Abdullahi, WHO has written extensively over the years on politics, policy and development, set clean in Associate in Nursing riveting page-turner, murky truths and up to now unspeakable problems within the ever-challenging world of teenagers and young adults.

Divided into seven sections; The Letter, The Drive, Work, The Gandhi check, Dating, Stereotype and beauty, Sweet Sixteen’s central focus may be a series of conversations between Mr Bello and her 16-year-old intelligent and precocious girl on the ‘facts of life.’

These are topics that the book’s editor, Molara Wood, noted on the book’s cover jacket as ‘’everything a adolescent lady ever needed to grasp however was afraid to raise.”

Another part of the book’s indorsement noted it as ‘’a parenting manual and a handbook for young adults.”

The above not withstanding, sociologists, educationists and policy-makers, also as oldsters and guardians, ar still divided on what proportion ‘sensitive’ info, particularly on s3x education, ought to be divulged to teenagers.

For example, in an exceedingly recent Britain survey, quite 1/2 oldsters don’t suppose s3x education ought to be tutored to youngsters in school. per a poll by baby product web site; ‘’Many suppose it’s inappropriate to show youngsters concerning s3x, while others suppose it ought to be a parent’s option to inform their own youngsters.”

However, on the opposite facet of the coin, it’s believed that, even as Aliya place it in Sweet Sixteen, most teenagers ar already conscious of what adults appear to be concealing from them.

According to one expert; ‘’Comprehensive sex education doesn’t encourage youngsters to possess sex. a bit like abstinence-only programmes, smart comprehensive programmes teach students that abstinence is that the solely surefire thanks to stop physiological condition and STDs.

The distinction is that these programmes additionally provide students realistic and factual info concerning the security of assorted sexual practices, and the way to boost the chances.’’

In writing Sweet Sixteen, Bolaji Abdullahi, a former Nigerian Minister of Youths and Sports, among different previous jobs, should have critically weighed the higher than positions before taking up a smorgasbord of young adult topics that ranged from bullying, dating, stereotype, ethics and s3x education, among others.

In pushing out his themes, the author finds an honest ally in Aliya Bello, an adolescent with a curious, fascinating and inquisitive mind and a loyal also as a accountable father.

Mr Bello, for sure of any smart father, took responsibility for the education of his girl, together with the difficult however vital facet of sex education.

Aliya is, therefore, lucky to possess a father WHO doesn’t leave her to struggle alone with the demons that sometimes torment teenagers once afloat in an exceedingly flood of hormones and also the pull of peer pressure.

The result’s a compelling tale, loaded with morality and rough with a chic lyrical prose and young adult lingo…story-story, my bestie, OMG among others.

The plot line has Associate in Nursing middle-class flavour with luxuriant meals, leisurely weekday drives and a Mrs Bello, the nurse, usually distant from father and girl.

But within the boondocks between reality and fiction, the author is in a position to dexterously sift the core values from the feeling, the treat from the trick and for this, oldsters and guardians can forever be grateful.


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